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Van Conversion Products: Tools

Here are some of the tools that I used and recommend for my van conversion

Shutz Gun

For effectively spraying undercoating products (like Waxoyl) with an air compressor

Filler Applicator

Makes the tricky job of body filling much easier, faster and less messy

Glass Fibre Kit

I used this to bridge gaps and repair holes in my van’s bodywork


Really useful for cleaning up after a messy day with paint, oil, coatings etc.


An assortment of different grades for general bodywork preparation and repair

Wire Brushes

If you have any amount of rust, you’ll need some wire brushes. I like to have an assortment of different types to get into every spot


Etch primer is best on new metal. Otherwise normal primer is fine


Saves a lot of time removing fibreglass and paint and waxoyl from your skin. Use gloves!


Best coating for spraying inside hard to reach box sections under the van

Rust Converter

For rust that really cannot be removed, the next option is to convert it. This stuff is the best I’ve used – and I’ve tried many

Metal Paint

I used Hammerite for most general painting on my van, where colour matching didn’t matter

Tarp Sheet

To protect the ground and your van form paint spray and spills

Underbody Coating

This is the best underbody coating I’ve found. Good for high impact areas such as the wheel arches

Body Filler

For best results get a fresh tin of filler. It doesn’t have a good shelf live once open

Bitumen Sheet

This is the exact same material as sound proofing products, yet much cheaper