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Van Conversion Products: Tools

Here are some of the tools that I used and recommend for my van conversion

Set of Files

Useful for taking sharp edges off metal panels and ends of screws

Drill Bits

Good for both steel and wood. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to drill bits.

Hand Saw

The most used tool in my conversion. Most cuts I made with a handsaw

Mole Grips

Squeezing, gripping and removing things that are stuck. This is the tool that often saves the day.

Utility Knife

Cutting vinyl, fabric, stripping wires or shaving edges of wood to get the perfect fit. Also known as a Stanley knife (in the UK).


 Not used much for the conversion but essential for doing any mechanical work

Electric Screwdriver

Saved me a lot of time when screwing in all the cladding, but a normal manual screwdriver still does the job.

Hole Saw

For cutting neat holes in wood and steel


Very useful for testing electrical wiring, fault finding and figuring things out when they go wrong.


Very useful as a helping hand to hold wood and as a surface for marking and cutting material.


Both flat and positive screwdrivers are useful for screwing, and unscrewing, all sorts of things.


For holding things in place whilst cutting or bonding surfaces with adhesive.


For cutting sheet materials and panels such as wall boards and even steel van wall or roof


For marking right angles on wood and material to give you a nice 90 degree cut – useful for sheet material that cannot be cut using the mitre box.


Almost every job seems to involve a drill.


Many uses. The claw is very useful for ‘undoing’ mistakes

Mitre Box

Super useful to help you cut straight angles in wood with a normal hand saw. If you want pieces of wood to join nicely and tightly, this is essential.

Tape Measure

Probably the first tool you’ll use. Take this with you when you go to look at the van to measure the space.