Vandog Traveller

Van conversion products: water system

Fiamma 70L fresh water tank

This is the tank I used in my conversion. Can be mounted in any orientation and comes with all fittings.

Shurflo 12V water pump 30PSI

This is the pump I use in my van. It’s all automatic so all you do it open the tap and the pump turns on (sensed by the drop in pressure).

Food grade water pipe 12mm

This is standard food grade hose as used in most caravans and motorhomes. I used this for all of the water system in red and blue colours. It’s semi rigid and fits tightly on the water pump and accumulator barbed fittings

28.5mm convoluted pipe for drains

This is what I used for the drain from my kitchen sink and shower to to the grey water tank. It connects (push fit) to 28mm plastic drain fittings using the 28.5mm rubber sleeve for a water tight seal.

Y connector for 28.5mm convoluted pipe

This is what I used to connect the drain from the kitchen sink and shower before taking it into the grey water tank under my van.

Water pump accumulator

This is optional but I highly recommend using some kind of accumulator in a pressurised water system. This will stop the pump oscillating prolonging its life and giving you a steady flow of water even when the tap is half open

Water tank filler and cap

This is the exact one I used but I bought mine from a local caravan shop and he gave me a cap without a key because I was mounting it internally.

Water tank filler hose 40mm

This is what I used to go from the Water tank filler cap to the Fiamma water tank inlet.

Rubber sleeve for 28.5mm drain hose

This is a sealing sleeve to fit the convoluted drain hose to a 28.5mm push fit fitting. I used these in all connections from the sink down to the grey tank.

Sink waste angled 28mm

This is what I used on my kitchen sink. The 28.5mm convoluted pipe hose attaches to this and goes down through the floor. The one for the shower is the same but it is straight and has no angle.