Van tour: building her van-home whilst living in it in London

When I first met Laurel she was living in an almost empty van, in the process of making it into her full-time home.

The next time I caught up with her, she had a bed, a kitchen and… a home!

So in this post I’ll introduce you to Laurel and her van. Still a work in progress but I think we can do an episode 2…?

This is Laurel. We lived on the same street in London

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She travels in ‘Style’

Eats in ‘Style’ 

And has a CD Walkman

This is Style, her full-time home

She built it all whilst living in it, in London


Recharging her drill in cafes 

Here’s the kitchen

Effective solutions to age old problems 

The all important condiment drawer

Baskets for food items

The seating area turns into a large bed 

With loads of storage underneath

Every bit of space used

And with much book space potential

There’s even a wardrobe 

And removable table

It swivels round to wherever you want it

A switch to turn the lights on

A skylight to let the light in

And a thinking window 

If you’ve been thinking of converting a van, I hope this helps/inspires you. Laurel had zero DIY skills before doing this. She just dove right in and started learning. Now she has the skills and she has her van-home. AND she did it whilst living in it, with no electricity or heating.

Stay tuned for episode 2 of Laurel’s van where she’ll have:

  • A heater?
  • Electricity and solar panels ?
  • A toilet?
  • Decor and details?
  • And a full bookshelf?

Her Instagram is @travellinginstyle

Also see: How to live in London, in a van, for a whole year

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