Vandog Traveller

2 weeks of Vanlife by a river in Czech Republic

I love how a nice group of people can just randomly build up from nowhere. You spend a couple of amazing weeks together and then you all go separate ways with memories that will carry on right through the winter.

So I want to share 12 photos of these past 2 weeks spent in Czech Republic, by a river with good people:

We met on the grass verge in Berlin

See more of this street here

And then again in Czech Republic

Me and Finn drove 370miles from Woodstock Poland (this post) to a party in Czech (this post)

Now it’s a crew

Now it’s a band

It seems to be the simple things that are the most fun


and wild swimming

I live for these long summer evenings

And having fires every night

On our very own island

It can be easy to forget about this…

And how being outside changes everything

Sometimes it’s only when I look back at photos I realise that everything (the life) I have been visualising over the past 2 years is happening. It’s mad. I know it’s mad. And I’m crazily lucky.

Anyway, after this we went back to Germany. The first stop was Leipzig where we explored some abandoned buildings (post soon) and then went to catch up with Christian, the DIY fold up guitar guy from my winter in Athens (post soon).