Vandog Traveller

8 days in the van with Leah Shann

I met this girl. She’s called Leah Shann. We spent 8 days together in the van.

This is Leah…

I picked her up from Marrakech

We went straight to the coast and ran into the sea

We got dry by the fire

And kind of went surfing in the morning

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We hung out and bumped into a friend Mona from last summer

Remember last summer? See post: Summer 2015 in a van – highlights

We did our hair

And drove through the mountains

Through palm groves

We got out the van and sang

We got to the blue rocks in Tafraoute

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And shared that feeling of finding a great spot

We collected wood at sunset

And cooked dinner on the fire

We made that music

And had those mornings on the step

Breakfast included

And pancakes

You showed me ballet

I showed you fire

We talked about things

We climbed to the top

I got that thing out your eye

I didn’t hold back my weirdness

And I’m pretty sure you didn’t

I think we were pretty loud in that restaurant

You’re a cool girl

We should do that again some time

Leah is now back in England. She has a job.

Then I went to the Sahara Desert. See post: The Sahara desert by campervan and camel