Vandog Traveller

Welcome to the Jedi Academy!

I’m at this place where amazing things just happen naturally – like all of the time. It’s on top of a big hill in an old cafeteria, just outside of Athens…

We’re all outside on the terrace of the Jedi Academy at 8am in December, with a full view of the glaring sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea. Someone starts tapping a djembe, a guitar comes out, a violin, another guitar, some kind of bagpipe (which looks like it could have once been a sheep), the accordion, more djembes, a flute, violin, bells, a trumpet, anything. The atmosphere erupts. It’s a morning I’ll never forget!

Artists, engineers, long-term travellers, circus performers, musicians… and a psychiatrist – this place is an intersection of some really interesting and inspiring life paths.

The Jedi Academy: An environment for free education and communal living

Here are 13 pictures from the last 2 weeks at the Jedi Academy:

This is where the van is. Athens is behind that mountain
The academy attracts a diverse mix of amazing and talented people, and it’s always changing
Evening in the academy. This is the large communal space for eating, playing music, juggling, reading and working on projects by the candles and wood fire
The accordion Finn bought me goes into the communal instruments pile
If you want to make a trapeze, make a trapeze
*Appears with trumpet
Make it up as you go along! Everyone is on a different journey
A morning on the terrace. Over there is the sunrise and over there is the sunset
Dragosh on Traktor, others painting on the floor. There’s loads of space to work on whatever creative outlet you like, from programming to painting
This is Christian. He travels Europe on his bike. He makes and repairs guitars, and is usually making something or playing his DIY fold-up guitar
Spiros, me and Fernanda doing a fire show on the terrace
Raphael playing the reverbed flute. Sounds real nice!
Fernanda and Christian walking to the land. There’s a lot of space to be free-range here. There’re plans to have self-sustainable community on the 5000m2 of land

The huge range of interesting and talented people from all over the world that the Jedi Academy attracts is something pretty special. I’m really looking forward to the future of the academy – there’s already talks of expanding.

It’s when I come to a place like this and meet people like this I see what is possible with life. Being miserable in a job and collecting loads of money for a lifetime just seems so… alright I’ll stop here.