Vandog Traveller

What I did in the UK (in 30 photos) after 18 months travelling

I spent 3 months back in the UK. It was good to be back and catch up with people but I ended up spending most of it doing the van. Here’s what I did during my time in the UK – well just Hull actually. Most of this is during my first 3 weeks back in Hull before I realised the amount of work I needed to do on the van.

This stuff is part of the story and I feel the blog would not be complete without it so I wanted to share.

It’s difficult to get everyone together nowadays

I tried to see everyone

We got nearly all of them

I grew up with this lot. You might recognise Ross and Matt from the blog – I set off with them

I was just in time for The Freedom Festival

This is the yearly festival we have in the streets of Hull – I mentioned it in my Hull post

And some good bands

The day I got back I rushed to get to the Adelphi club to see my favourite Hull band, Counting Coins – see their latest video here. I missed their set but Random Hand were on afterwards (in picture)

Some random parties happened

I like those ones

I caught up with Meg

We had a beach walk

That North sea breeze

Had fish and chips in Bridlington

My sister came from London

She had an ice bath

If you want to see what she’s doing, go and see her blog: – about meditation, yoga and life improvement.

I caught up with Imogen

And checked if I could still ride the giraffe

Met the new family member

Met friend’s new family member

Tried to get some tricks from my Mum

Finally cut open a fur cone

Remembered how nice some of the buildings are in Hull

Had some quality tub time

Had some quality pub time

Had a 3am takeaway

The kick-out-time takeaway scene in the UK is… quite different to the rest of Europe. I wont explain.

Matt showed me his metal skills

And his latest project

Said goodbye to summer

Went to York

York is where you tell people to go if they’re visiting the north of England. But soon it will be Hull, right?

Watched the colours change

I thought about the road

And worked every day on the van until it was ready

It got more and more difficult with the cold and dark and rain. See post: Getting back on the road – what I did

And then I got a boat to Spain

There are still loads of people I didn’t see. I planned to do a UK tour on the way down to my ferry, stopping at Sheffield, Norwich, wales, Bristol, Brighton. I’d already amended the ferry booking once to make time, but there still wasn’t enough time. I’d really had enough of doing the van and I needed to go. I put the wheels back on the van and set off for Portsmouth at 2am.

So now I’m in Spain. See My track and location page