What is an affiliate link?

In some of my posts you may see a link to some product that I have used or recommend (like a relevant book on Amazon or maybe a useful tool for converting your van). On some of these links you may see some text saying ‘this is an affiliate link’

If you don’t know what ‘affiliate link’ means and you want to know, then read this…

What is an affiliate link?

A link to a product that contains my unique ID number. This tells the merchant (e.g. Amazon) that I sent you, and if you make a purchase (within 24 hours), I earn a small commission (Amazon is 5%).

Affilliate link example

I put a link, which contains my ID number, to this book that I’ve read and recommend

  1. You click the link and make a purchase within 24hrs
  2. Amazon see that I referred you and then reward me with 5% commission of the sale. The book cost £12 so I make £0.60
  3. Hopefully it is a 3-way win; you get a recommendation, I earn 3 pence and Amazon get a customer.

Please remember…

This blog is the result of a lot of my time and effort. I really don’t want to ruin it with ‘spammy’ links to any old product.

I will only link to products that I have actually used or personally recommend – things that I would link to regardless of an affiliate account, and I hope that you find my recommendations useful and relevant.

Why am I telling you this?

If you’re taking time to read my site (thank you!), I think you should know if I potentially earn money from a link that you click – even if it is, literally, a few pence.

You can do this too!

With Amazon anyone can sign up for an associates account (it’s free). When you share a link from your address bar it automatically contains your code and you earn a commission when someone buys.

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