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Wildcamping paradise by the blue rocks in Morocco

A begian guy (Jean Verame) came here in the 80s and spent 3 months painting loads of the rocks blue with the help of a team of Moroccan firemen. What?

People hate it, people love it. Let me show you…

The blue rocks are just a few km south of Tafraoute in Morocco

You go down the main road (R107), south out of Tafraoute, and the blue rocks are signed on the right side of the road. Coordinates for the blue rocks: 29.6723292,-8.9729061. See the Tafraoute post: The valley of the vans in Tafraoute, Morocco

And then It’s another km or so of dirt track off the main road

And you get to this view…

Vans, trucks and busses usually gather on the flat plane around the rocks

It’s a bit surreal

We climbed

And jumped

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Jean who tagged this rock

And took it in

We camped in this spot

It’s like some strange amazing weird paradise

This guy has a matching van

There’s not much fire wood here

But we managed

And this is the road out. Goodbye blue rocks

Some people just say it’s just a pile of painted rocks. What do you think? I think it just adds to the surrealness of this landscape, with the huge bolders just sprinkled around – I’m still not fully convinced that these rocks aren’t made of chicken wire and cement. I like that Jean Verame painted these rocks. Nice one Jean. And I like that Morocco let him do it. Nice one Morocco.

What do you reckon, vandalism or art? or why does it have to be anything. I just think it’s good and definitely a cool place to camp. My favourite camping spot yet in Morocco by far!

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