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Vanlife – finding the wild spots

This is probably a protected area, and you probably are not allowed here. But this is Greece, so it’s probably cool…

It’s these kinds of places that often catch my eye on a map – there is a little tree symbol on google maps. If there’s a mixture of blue and green, it’s probably going to be nice…
We drove a few km down this road. I really like the trees here
It feels pretty fresh. A feeling of Austria for a few minutes
Walking through the forrest, lizards and snakes dash across your path in front
It was too far tell what the birds were, but it was definitely the kind that stand in shallow water all day

But don’t come here if you want to get away from the nosie!

Not just for when you camp in front of the main soundsystem

Here’s what this place sounds like from the van at 2pm:

Here’s what it sounds like at 11pm inside the van (Heavy rain):

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