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15 photos of Poland’s huge free festival – Woodstock 2015

Poland has a massive free festival every summer that’s been going for 21 years. It’s called Woodstock Poland. We took an 80km drive from Berlin to the town of kostrzyn on the German/Poland border to have a look. Here are our 4 days in 15 photos:

I picked up Finn in Berlin, plus one hitchhiker by the road

We quickly met a lot of people

This guy could walk…

This guy couldn’t

It’s massive. Over 750k people

There are 4 stages

And Loads of space for camping

Where ever you want

And dance… where ever you want

Maybe it’s bit different to the festivals I’d usually go to

It’s sponsored by beer

And sometimes I don’t know what’s going on

But who cares

The sun’s going down

That’s when the best music happens…

Woodstock Poland. It’s big, it’s free and I guess it’s kind of a festival for everyone. We left a bit early to get to a party in Czech. That didn’t really work out… post coming soon