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Exploring the English countryside by van – and 4 good wildcamping spots

It’s easy to forget the nice places that sit on your doorstep. Sometimes you only realise this once you’ve been travelling and you come back to your home country.

I’ve been Exploring the North Yorkshire Moors in England. Let me show you what I found (in 14 pictures), and at the end I’ll show you some good places to camp – with or without a van.

The Yorkshire Moors is in the north of England. Here:

Welcome to The Moors…

The roads twist round the hills through small villages and farms

The small roads are best for exploring

Pink heather covers much of the land

Cattle graze freely

Much of the land is open access – free to roam

Woodland covers about 22%

It stretches right to the coast. This is whitby abbey

It has the largest concentration of ancient trees in Northern England

Home to toadstools

And toads… or maybe frogs?

This was the sunset at Dalby hill (spot 4 on the map below)

Here are 4 places to camp

  1. Harwood Dale Forest. Quiet spot off the road and out of view: Google map link
  2. Silpho Forest carparking area with access to forest trail dirt track – can drive down here: Google map link
  3. Wheeldale Gill. By a stream in small valley with trail through woods: Google map link
  4. Danby Hill. Open gravel area. Very quiet with amazing views of sunrise and sunset: Google map link

Have you been here in your van? how did you find the wildcamping? we got moved once but found that it was generally not a problem. If you have any more places to add to this leave a comment  🙂

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