Country: Morocco

18 reasons I’ll come back to Morocco

I’ve never felt more welcome in a country, I’ve never felt more unwelcome in a country. Morocco. Here are 18 reasons I’ll be back: Also see: 3 months in morocco by

25 things to know before you come to Morocco

Morocco is just 8 miles away from Europe but it feels like thousands. It’s a completely different culture to Europe – that’s why I came here – and It took

The Sahara desert by campervan and camel

We wanted to go to the Sahara desert (Morocco) so we got in the van and drove there. We didn’t plan anything but it all worked out well. Here’s what

8 days in the van with Leah Shann

I met this girl. She’s called Leah Shann. We spent 8 days together in the van. This is Leah… I picked her up from Marrakech We went straight to the