Live everywhere, be free and have adventures in your home on wheels

in this book:

  • Live a mobile life full of adventure and freedom
  • Live and work from wherever you please – the beach, the mountains, the desert or just a different city
  • Live and travel on a budget – as little as £10 per day
  • A van is freedom. It’s the new office. It’s the new home. And no one will be asking for rent

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How to live in a van and travel book cover – Vanlife guide by Mike Hudson
“I loved this book; it was inspirational. Isn’t it what we all aspire to; living in complete freedom, by our own rules? Buy this wonderful book if you want the ability to choose your own way in life”

– Alice Sarah

This book will help make your van-dream a reality

I’ve been listening to all the questions I’ve been getting and making notes for the past few years. Now it’s time to put it all into this book.

Many happy customers

This book covers all the worrying issues


Fear will try to keep me in a comfort zone and this book covers all the worrying issues, overnight stops, safety, loneliness, money, food, mechanical issues, power supply and other essentials. I am not sure how else I could come by this hard won information in one place.

– endgame

Build-your-own-adventure lifestyle


This book has a lot of great personal perspective of the whole journey of transitioning from “normal” life to a life of freedom where the future is more up to the individual. A how-to book for a build-your-own-adventure lifestyle.

– Amazon customer

An essential read


Informative reading and entertaining anecdotes, answering every question I can think of for how and why to live in a van and travel. An essential read for anyone thinking of doing the same

– Rick Hurst

Some things you'll learn

This book will help you to shortcut three years of trial and error, hundreds of experiments, mis-adventures and tens of thousands of miles of experience.

You’ll learn why all it takes is a single decision and how to take action and get started.

And once you commit to your new life of freedom this book can be your indispensable guide:

If you’re at a stage in your life where you’re thinking of packing it all in to travel full time, you need to read this book. Loads of great tips, stories and things you definitely won’t have thought of. This book is invaluable. Offers you some alternative view points too, and helps remove a lot of the anxieties that come with doing something everyone else says they wish they could

– Amazon review

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