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Living & travelling Europe in my self-built DIY campervan since 2014. See the progress of my journey (and photography) – select a gallery below…

campervans camping in the uk

Vanlife summer UK 2019

camping in norway under the Northern Lights

Norway by campervan 2018

mike changing the oil filter in LDV campervan

UK vanlife 2018

Musicians in Mauer Park Berlin

Going north. A Berlin van summer 2017

bathing in hot springs Italy

Italy by campervan spring/summer 2017

Man on boat in jungle Nepal

A diversion to Nepal with a backpack WITHOUT van

camping in my van Sicily

Sicily by Campervan winter 2017

camping in van by the sea Sardinia

Vanlife winter in Sardinia 2016

Camping in the Yorkshire Moors UK

Van summer in the UK 2016

Driving into the Atlas Mountains Morocco

Morocco by campervan 2016

Driving through pine forest in Portugal

Driving through Portugal for winter warmth 2015

Santiago street in Spain

Driving through Northern Spain for Winter warmth 2015

Mike Hudson with rust on face

UK pitstop – the end of summer 2015

Psy-fi festival at sunset Netherlands

PSY-FI festival 2015 netherlands

Vanlife Summer 2015 – Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands

Punk girl at Woodstock festival Poland

Woodstock festival by van – Poland 2015

Campervans on a street in Berlin

Berlin in a van – summer 2015

Man dancing at freqs of Nature festival Germany

Freqs of nature festival 2015 – Germany

Woman dancing at Samsara Festival Hungary

Samsara Festival Hungary 2015

Fish in national park Croatia

Vanlife Croatia – Driving south to north 2015 – Croatia

Meeting Matt – 2015 – Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro

Jumping in the air at sunset sun Greece

Driving North through Greece – 2015 – Greece

Marti changing the vans wheel in Greece

Travelling with Marti from the blog – 2015 – Greece (Peloponnese)

Raph playing Sax in Greece

The waking life community – 2015 – Greece

Family having Christmas on beech in Greece

Christmas with my family – 2014 – Greece

Santorini at sunset

Santorini island – 2014 – Greece

Trapeze in Greece

The Jedi academy – 2014 – Greece

Athens at sunset

Photos of Athens – Winter 2014 – Greece

Fishing at sunset in Greece

Driving south for winter – 2014 – arriving to Greece


Heading further East – 2014 – Romania and Bulgaria

playing music in my van

Vanlife summer 2014 – Hungary

Ozora entrance 2014

Ozora Festival – Hungary 2014

Sun festival

Sun festival – Hungary 2014


Building the SUN festival – Hungary 2014

meeting friend at airport in my campervan

Meeting Matt – Exploring Eastern Europe 2014 – Slovakia, Hungary

Austria by campervan

Doing it alone the first time – going East Summer 2014 – Switzerland, Austria

Dragon festival 2014


stood outside campervan

The first taste of Vanlife freedom – leaving the UK Spring 2014 – France, Spain

Inside my DIY van conversion

My van and home – the completed conversion

Fixing broken van during conversion

DIY campervan conversion photos

Old vintage campervan in Berlin

Photos of campervans and vanhomes from around Europe