Recommended products: camping and van living

Here are some of the products I either use myself or recommend for those who want to live and travel in a campervan.

Camping chair

I have a couple of these I keep on the van’s roof-rack. They are cheap but mine seemed to have lasted a long time. Another good place to buy these chairs is Decathlon – all over Europe


Fold up camping table

battery isolation switch

Really useful for taking things outside – having dinner and breakfast outside. Folds away quickly and easily stores on my van’s roof

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Head torch

battery isolation switch

A must have. This thing is one of the most useful things. Cooking outside, fixing the engine, finding things I’ve lost in the van or just exploring the woods at night.

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Good quality torch – Very powerful

It think this is better than my LED maglite. It’s expensive but it’s a very good bit of kit. Torches always break. This doesn’t. It looks small but don’t be fooled! Also be careful of buying on ebay – there are some cheap fake ones that are inferior quality

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Hose pipe – for filling water tank

I have a 5m length of flexible hosepipe for filling my on-board water tank. I keep it coiled up on the roof. You can buy this from any garden/home store

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Hose pipe connector

I have this connected to one end of the hose pipe. It’s a push connector that will push fit to a threaded tap connector (listed below). These brass fittings are worth the extra money because the plastic ones often split.

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Threaded tap connector 1/2″

Most taps in Europe have a a thread. I just screw this on and connect the hosepipe using the hose pipe connector above. I also have a 3/4″ version and a 5/8″. With these 3 sizes I’m always able to get water from the tap to fill my tank

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Portable cooker

Useful for cooking outside or taking on a picnic, but also useful as an emergency cooker if the van cooker fails or I run out of gas.

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LPG adaptors – set

I carry these so I can always fill up my gas tank all over Europe. Different countries use different connectors. These just quickly screw on and off by hand.

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This is what I mention is my book as a natural and eco-friend detergent. Read more on amazon if you’ve never head of these. It’s good for van-living – and any sensitive environments where dumping harsh detergent on the ground is not so cool

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Solar camping shower

These things are not so tough and the handles often break. But they are good for the summer and for festivals. The water heats up nicely and you can either hang it in a tree and shower or just hold it above your head

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This isn’t the toilet I have but it’s pretty much the same – mine is just built in. IF you need a toilet in your camepervan, this is a good quick and neat option. Thetford are pretty much the leaders when it comes to these kinds of toilets – just check out the Amazon reviews.

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Large sleeping bag

This is the sleeping bag I have. It’s super warm and it’s XL size – way more comfortable than a normal single size bag. The lining is also cotton which I find more comfortable than nylon or silk, like in many other bags. It was £28 on Amazon when I bought it – seems to have gone up.

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Hot water bottle

A must have for every campervan. In winter – or when I’m high up in the mountains – I put one of these in my sleeping bag at night. It makes a huge difference. This particular one is good quality, German made.

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Flexible bucket

I use one of these (kept in my van’s bathroom) for storage and also for washing clothes. They are made from flexible soft rubber and are very tough.

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