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Vanlife Products I use

Here are some of the products I use and recommend for living and travelling in a van:

*to see the list of my recommended conversion products, click here


The first thing I did in my van was install one of these hammocks. It’s nice to have in the van, to use inside and outside


For bringing the music outside. These things are solid and durable and the battery lasts ages

Toastie Maker

Replaces the electric toastie maker – this goes on the gas hob

Portable Fire Pit

This lets you have fires no matter where you are, without damaging the ground.

Hand Blender

This pull-cord blender works really well. You can even make hummus with it.


Essential if you want to have all your books with you in your van

Bluetooth Receiver

Useful if your van’s sound system doesn’t have bluetooth connectivity.