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Van Conversion Products: Electrical System

Here are some of the products that I used for my van conversion

Split charge relay

Volt sensing relay for charging leisure batteries from the engine. This is a decent heavy duty one that has never failed me

Midi fuse holder

I use midi fuses for my main battery fuses. This holder lets you conveniently mount the fuse on a nearby surface

Pure sine inverter

The best inverter I’ve tried so far. It’s low noise and has eco-mode. Don’t bother with no-brand cheap models

Automotive Cable

For the split charge cable use at least 16mm size cable 

Crimp connectors

For terminating automotive cable for connection to battieres, and possibly other things

Heat shrink sleeve

For insulating crimp terminations. 

Solar Panel Mount

Use these if you don’t have a roofrack to mount your solar panels on to


This fusebox has a built-in negative busbar and easily enough fuse slots for most conversions

Cable Ties

I use these a lot to keep everything neat and tidy – messy wires are confusing and stresssful 

Blade Fuses

For the main fusebox. It’s handy to keep a selection of these fuses for spares

LED Downlights

These are the lights I have. Low profile and low power consumption. They don’t have a blue hue like most LEDs

Solar Panel

This is the current solar panel I have. I think it’s a great size vs power combination AND it’s a great price 

Solar Charge Controller

This has been the best solar controller I’ve used so far. I should have got this one in the beginning

USB Charge Supply

To have efficient USB charging in your van – instead of plugging your charger into the inverter

Solar Cable Duct

The neatest way to bring the solar panel cables through the van roof to inside. 

MC-4 T-piece Connectors

For connecting two solar panels together in parallel

Electrical Tape

Always handy. You can use it if you don’t have any heat shrink sleeving, to finish around crimp connections. The cheaper stuff doesn’t last as long


Essensial for finding faults when/if things go wrong. A cheap one is fine for occasional use where precision is not essential

Mains Battery Charger

Probably the best main charger you can get, but it’s expensive. I run this via my van’s hookup. Note: link is for newest model

Mains Hookup Cable

I keep one of these on my roof so I can connect to mains power if it’s available. 

Mains Consumer Unit

To safely bring mains ‘hookup’ power inside the van. Inside is an RCD and MCB 

Isolation Switch

Used as a main cut off switch from the batteries – aka ‘battery isolator’.