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Van conversion products: Safety

Here are the products I used and recommend for preparation stages of my van conversion.

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First alert 10 year smoke alarm

smoke alarm

There may be cheaper ones but this is the one I have. It has a lithium battery so it will last for 10 years. I mounted this on the ceiling in my van.



Fireangel Carbon Monoxide alarm (CO alarm)

CO alarm

This has a digital readout display and can even show the peak CO readings from the previous 4 weeks. Also has a temperature display that is pretty useful. Battery is built in and lasts for 7 years. I mounted this just above the kitchen in my van


Powder fire extinguisher

Powder fire extinguisher

This is suitable for class A, B and C fires, and it’s what’s recommended for homes and cars. I mounted this just on the inside of the side door so it can be easily accessed from inside or outside.


Fire blanket

fire blanket

Another essential safety product for a van. I keep this just under the cooker and I make sure everyone knows where it is if they’re cooking


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