My latest book is now available as an actual printed book that you can hold it in your hands

My new book, How to Live in a Van and Travel, is now available as an actual print book.

Get it on Amazon HERE – that link should automatically take you to the Amazon store for your country.

You can order it right now and have it delivered straight to your house, wherever you are in the world. I tried to make a picture to explain what I mean…

So that’s pretty much the point of this blog post: THE PRINT VERSION IS NOW AVAILABLE. But, I’ll keep talking anyway so read on if you want a bit more info and pictures.

The price

I’ve tried to make the price as low as possible. I think £12.50 is good for a self-published book – with free delivery. But this is likely to go up soon. It’s possible I could have made it slightly cheaper, like if I used a cheaper printer, but for the effort I put into this I want to present it on decent paper with decent resolution. I want it to feel good when you hold it and I want it to be nice to read. Hopefully you’ll see what I mean when you get it. I’m really happy with how it’s come out.

How long is delivery?

It should take just a few days. For some reason Amazon(UK) say that delivery will take 2 to 4 weeks. This is not true and I have a strong feeling it’s Amazon’s attempt to get me to use their in-house printing services, which they say is quicker (but it’s not really) and the quality is poor. Anyway, the book should be with you in just a few days. I’ve tested it several times and it’s all good.

Here it is. Front and back cover

Here’s the spine

Here it is being held in front of an airport runway

Here’s what it looks like with its friends

Here’s a picture of someone reading it

This guy got his copy before anyone else – even before me! It accidentally got released on Amazon for two days and 29 copies got bought and released into the wild. Oops.

This is me preparing the sample copies that will go to cafes, bookshops, libraries and doctors waiting rooms

And here it is on the Amazon bookstore

After working on something for well over a year it becomes really difficult to gauge whether that thing is actually any good or not. And that’s what I struggled with. And then having to release it into the world, letting it be totally open to scrutiny and criticism and reviews, it’s nerve-wracking.

So the reviews you left on Amazon are a big relief for me and it makes it all worth it. Oh and you also made it hit the best seller list in its category, which is something I never expected. Thank you!


It’s a surreal feeling after having sat in my van for months, in all these different countries, writing this book and then seeing pictures of people on the other side of the word hold it in their hands.

I also want to thank Finn Petcher and Andrew Mowbrey for editing and proofreading – it wasn’t a small job.

And thanks to everyone on here who has been patient with my slow replies and slow blog activity. I just wanted to make this book happen.

If you’d like to stock this book in your shop, or know someone who might be interested, let me know. And remember to share the book page (this one) with people or groups who you think might like it.

Comments, questions, whatever below. I’d like to know what you think of the price as well

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