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10 reasons you must tour Austria in your Camper van

I’ve spent a month travelling though Austria in my van, driving from West to East. I didn’t do any research before visiting, sometimes it’s nice to just let the surprises happen and then maybe I’ll look things up afterwards. My only regret is that I didn’t drive on the Grossglockner Alpine Road, but that’s a good reason to go back.

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Austria is a must!

1. The driving

The scenery is amazing. A 20 mile drive to Innsbruck took me a full afternoon. It’s tough not to stop at every layby to take it in. There’s a new and easy photograph round every corner.


2. The people

They’re cool and friendly. Crime feels like it is non-existent. People leave bikes unlocked on the stands – that’s a sign of a good city. They’re also campervan friendly and there’s no problem at all with wild-camping.


3. The Forests, rivers and mountains

There’s no point me writing anything here. Just go! or see gallery for more Austria pics 


4. Cycling

Austria is great for biking—mountain and road. I’ve got an old road bike that I just use off-road as well. The cities are also great for cycling. They love it.


5. The cities — Vienna and Graz

There’s nothing like being in the country for a few days then just diving straight into a big city on a bike. Graz is a real good, lively student city – second largest after Vienna. Both have loads to offer


6. It’s Alpine fresh

Everything just feels like fresh and crisp. The air, the colours and even the sound of birds across the valleys sound so clear. The cows have bells and the farms are like something out of a film set.


7. The Gesause national park

I stayed here for a couple of nights. If you like to hike/walk/explore off the track then this place is great. There are loads of nice places waiting to be discovered, like this one:


8. The lakes

After Salzburg I wondered around and found a load of amazing lakes. I found out later it is the Salzkammergut area – Lake district.  Hallstatt was impressive


9. They make real nice wooden buildings

If I ever convert another van, I’m gonna take all my inspiration from Austria. This picture is of Hallistatt village


10. Internet

It’s so fast and cheap. 10Euro for 10gig with 3G pretty much everywhere. Means I could do this:



Have you toured Austria? Feel free to leave more suggestions in the comments

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