Welcome to Berlin – findings from my bike ride

Every time I go out onto the streets of this city I get fully distracted and end up doing something completely different. Berlin sucks you in. It’s fully got me. I’ve spent the past few days exploring Berlin on my bike. This is just skimming across the surface. Here’s what I found – in 16 […]

Freqs of Nature Festival in 15 photos

After Samsara (see this post) I went to Freqs of Nature Festival – about 70km south of Berlin. It’s an experimental art and music festival With 4 stages And interesting spaces With some really nice things inside There’s a lot of dancing Even in the rain There’s freedom to… experiment Or do what you want But […]

Photos from Samsara Festival Hungary

I stopped in Hungary for a few days and went to Samsara festival – a small yoga and psychedelic/chill/world music festival, not far from lake Balaton. It was a really nice/chilled festival and was great to see people I met last summer… and new ones too 🙂 Here are some of my favourite photos. Many of these photos are […]

Croatia by van – 3 weeks in 13 photos

Dubrovnik It was very busy but I can see why. Nice city! Through the scenic roads We carried on up the coast from Dubrovnik And cooked lunch on a Kayak See the kayak lunch post here There are many hidden spots You need to look a bit harder to find the really good spots in […]