Getting back on the road – here’s what I did

I could have got the van through its MOT in about one week – take the tree off the dashboard, get new tyre and replace a bulbs – that’s not a problem. But I wanted/needed to give the van a good service and overhaul. I want to do as much as I can to make […]

My campervan: 17 things I’ve learnt about rust and trying to stop it

Owning an this LDV Convoy has taught me some stuff about rust, especially in the past few weeks. If you have an old van/campervan/motorhome then this might be useful for you. Here are 17 things I’ve learnt about rust and trying to stop it: 1. Rust usually starts from the edges It’s the edges of […]

Checking the rear differential oil level and filling it up

I’d have to check my rear differential oil level often – because it leaked – and top it up when needed. It’s simple to do but If I had ignored it a gear rebuild or new differential would probably be costly. I showed you how I fixed the leak (here), now I’ll show you how […]

Waxoyling the van with air compressor and gun

I managed to borrow a compressor and was finally able to properly get to all those internal areas. In this post I’ll go over how and where I waxoyled the van. First I’ll quickly mention a thing about the gun and the compressor… The Shutz gun This gun has a screw thread that is designed […]