Announcement: book coming soon

The reason I’ve been fairly quiet over the past 4 months is because I’ve been working on a book, ‘From Van to Home’. If you want to make a van into your home, this is for you.


What is the book about?

A detailed walk-through of everything I did to transform that old rusty van into my cosy off-grid home. I give you all the information and lessons I learnt along the way and show you how you can do something very similar with no van conversion or woodworking experience.

There are 18 chapters, and over 300 detailed illustrations and photographs covering every stage of my van conversion. 

I have shared some of the building process on this blog, and I’m really happy that it’s helped some of you with your van conversions. But that is just a fraction of the story. I photographed and documented every single little step of my conversion and now I’m ready to share the whole thing as well as all of my ideas, tips and tricks to help you convert your van too.

This is 5 times bigger than my dissertation for my engineering degree, with 100 times more love and effort. I’m really proud of this and I can’t wait to show you.

I’ll talk more about what’s in the book, as well as a preview and chapter listing, in a later post.

When will it be available?

Very soon. I’m hoping mid June. The book is all done, edited and ready. I just need to make a cover and set it all up for downloading.

How much will it cost?

Yeah the book will cost something (I’m sorry), but I promise that if you want to make a van into your home then the value of this book will be worth a lot more than what you buy it for. I’ve not decided on a price yet, I’m open to suggestions in the comments or email.

Where can you get it?

It will be available as an ebook sold directly on this blog.

Can you help?…

I’ve never done anything like this before and I have learnt a crazy amount over the past few months, but I still feel like I’m in at the deep end. If you think you can help with anything or you’ve launched an ebook or a self published book before and have any advice then please give me a message. I’ve been looking at self publishing as a physical book as well, but the cost to print with all these high-res colour images would be around £20!

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let me help you with that



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