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9 best bits of vanlife in the Peloponnese

The Peloponnese is an amazing place to feel the winter turn into Spring. There’s no wonder I’m suddenly bumping into all the other vanners, after seeing non for months. You’re all here!

Here are 9 highlights from the past 5 weeks of vanlife in the Peloponnese:

1. The mountains

I didn’t really know the Peloponnese was like this
Taygetos mountain range. Just South of Sparta

2. The ancient stuff

Camping near the ancient stuff with no one around. It starts to feel like a different world

Temple of Apollo, Ancient Corinth

3. The coast and beaches

Nowhere I’ve been beats this coast! it feels so wild

Voidokili Beach on the West coast
Voidokili Beach on the West coast

4. The landscape

It’s so… like… mystical

A big hill we climbed near the archaeological site at ancient Corinth

5. Loads more ancient stuff

I mean, it’s everywhere! And there’s still loads more not yet uncovered

Mycenae archaeological site
Mycenae archaeological site

6. The scenic routes

So many colourful slow roads through the mountains. No need to rush. Can’t anyway

A road down to Sparta
A road down to Sparta

7. The crazy weather

From clear sunshine to dramatic thunderstorm in a few hours. This seemed to be every few days. I’m not if this is normal?

A pier at the town of Nafplio
A pier at the town of Nafplio

8. The wild and free camping

Inland or coast, the camping is top notch. It’s so easy to camp, locals seem to be used to vanners and there’s never a problem. Even in a city, you can get often get right on to the beach with the van and no one minds

Kalamata beach
Kalamata beach

9. The wildlife

See post on finding the wild spots – listen to the recording of the animals at night (bottom of that post)

Walking through the forrest, lizards and snakes dash across your path in front
North West coast – see location in this post


Greece was already my favourite country… and that was before I went to the Peloponnese. There really is everything here! It has been so nice to explore it in during springtime. If you have a van… go! If you don’t have a van… go!

Have you been? tell us your favourite spots…

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