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Parking Hack – How to get free parking


Here’s how some people get free parking at many carparks which use barriers and timed tickets.

This only works for carparks that have the first 5,10,15 or whatever minutes free parking until it starts to cost. Once you’ve spent a full day at the carpark, you could do this when you’re ready to leave:

  1. Walk up to the barrier (entrance to the carpark) when no cars are coming in
  2. Place some metal (aluminium foil) on the road in front of the barrier, in the area where a car would normally be
  3. The barrier thinks there is a car here and will dispense a new ticket when you press the button on the barrier ticket dispenser machine
  4. Take the new ticket, walk back to your car and use this to exit the carpark. You are still within the 15 minutes free parking time – you don’t pay

Let’s take this further…

Take the classic Eastpak rucksack (Amazon link). We have an Eastpak hack:


so what do you reckon? Have you tried this? would you?

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