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Putting a hammock in my camper van

Here it is, Hammock in a van… UPDATE: You can see the completed van here

I’ve since upgraded to a bigger hammock for a bed, which is perfect for sleeping in – see the last picture at the bottom of this page. Buy your hammock here(U.S) OR here for U.K

How to install a hammock in your van or campervan

I told Matt my plan for mounting the hammock and he suggested using ‘toggles’ which I’d never heard of before. We went to buy two heavy duty eye bolts and D shackles and matt did the rest with his star wars drill and good brain. It is super solid – fixed to the strongest parts of the van.

fixing hardware the same on each end but the front one has a spacer bolt to keep the shackle close to the fixing plate and hopefully prevent excessive leverage pulling the plate away from the wall since this will be mounted on the side wall
Toggle bolts were used for the back fixing since the back of the steel cannot be accessed to get a nut behind. This is a neat solution and also help distribute the load better. I wish I’d heard of these things a while ago!
I used karabiners to allow for quick hammock access
The total length is 3.2m between fixing points. I used a nylon sling folded a few times to get the right length

A hammock upgrade – for a bed

That other hammock was too small. This is not only somewhere to chill but it will also be another bed for mates.

I upgraded to much bigger hammock for several people which is way more stable and easy to sleep in:

measuring 210cm across!

So there you have it. Hammock in a van! have you done this? I wonder I could put another in here?

Buy hammock here(U.S) OR buy hammock here for U.K

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