How not to hike Norway’s highest mountain peak – and where to park your van

We were right in front of the highest mountain peak in Norway. So we parked the van and walked up it.

‘Walked’ is the wrong word. We only just made it to the top.

We weren’t prepared. We didn’t check the weather. We don’t have any ‘gear’, my boots have Gaffa tape on them and we set off at 1pm.

Galdhøpiggen: the tallest mountain peak in Norway and northern Europe

It’s in the Jotunheimen National Park. Here:

We took a small road off the scenic road 55

See post on the road 55: Norway by campervan: the scenic road you must not miss

And parked the van in Spiterstulen

This is a good place to start a hike up to the peak. Google map link:

It started with a well marked path

On a clear sunny day

It’s a steep climb

Patches of snow soon start to appear

But the markings got more and more difficult to see

Until the path sort of just… disappeared

Thick fog came over in the matter of minutes

We followed the rock stacks instead of the red paint

We were now against time. The sun was getting lower and lower in the sky

But we were so close to the top

So we carried on, another 2km

Parts of the amazing view pierced through the clouds below

The sky was pink and the light was going so we started to head back

And then it got dark

After this we carried on driving down the amazing scenic Road 55. See this post: Norway by campervan: the scenic road you must not miss

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