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Marrakech by van – 14 photos and a sound recording

I spent 3 days in Marrakech. That was enough. It’s an amazing, crazy, irritating and tiring city. You have to go here!

So here are some photos of my time in Marrakech. I recommend playing the sound recording below whilst you look at the photos. If I could have recorded the smells I would have, but that’s not out yet.

Play this sound clip whilst you look at the photos

The music in the square at night was absolutely the best thing about Marrakech for me. Wow, it’s a whole new world of totally unfamiliar rhythms, sounds, melodies and instruments. The music is… so… rich. I really love this:

It can take a while to get across the city in a van

I probably wont do that again. Meh I probably will though


My favourite food is everywhere


The market has some really nice things


This is the underlying concept behind pretty much all of the art and architecture


Like this

Typical hand carved woodwork seen in many interiors, walls and ceilings


And this

Zellige tile mosaic on a door in Marrakech


Mopeds are how most people get around here

You have to be pretty careful walking round corners


Horse and cart also


This is a typical street in the medina


There’s no point in trying to not get lost

The medina is a full on maze. I never quite worked it out


Here’s one of many scenes in the square


This the main square at sunset

View of Jemaa el Fna from Cafe de France. A good place to watch the square transform as the sun sets


And night is when the music happens


I parked and camped here

On the outside of the medina walls there are loads of open spaces to park and freecamp. Most of these spots are guarded and you’ll have to pay a yellow vest guy a bit of money but that’s how it is in the whole of Morocco. There is a big open gravel space right next to the medina wall where I stayed. Coordinates: N31 37.282 W7 59.941


This is a great city but after a few days I needed a break. I find it difficult to fully describe this place. Have you been to Marrakech? share your experience and tips in the comments. I know that some people hate it and some love it.

I’m now in Essaouira – a nice relaxed town on the coast and good after the crazyness of Marrakech. See Exploring Essaouira – you have to see this town!

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