Sicily by Campervan – highlights in 15 photos plus locations

After spending the coldest part of the winter in Sardinia (see post: Sardinia by campervan) I went to visit the Mediterranean’s biggest island, Sicily.

Here are the highlights of my few weeks in Sicily by campervan – in 15 photos. The numbers on the map below correspond to the photos. Enjoy!

Here’s my route through Sicily

1. I got a boat to Palermo (from Cagliari, Sardinia)

Here’s an alright place to park/camp for the city:

2. I rode my bike up to Monte Caputo

It’s about 10 miles out of Palermo. The town of Monreale is just behind this shot – known for its Byzantine cathedral built in to the rocks

3. I stopped to look at the views

This is looking down at Castellammare del Golfo – a medieval fortress town

4. And camped on San Vito Lo Capo

5. Here’s a great camping spot


There’s a few km of unspoilt coastline…

A few other vans about

6. And load of ancient things. This is the best preserved Greek temple in the world – temple of Segesta

7. I carried on going East along the south coast

This is the Stair of the Turks on the Realmonte coast – a limestone cliff eroded into stairs (kind of) by the sea

8. I went through ‘the valley of the temples’

It’s the largest archaeological site in the world according to Wikipedia

9. This is the most southern tip of Sicily – and a great camping spot

Here’s the location:

10. I found this hidden beach

Spiaggia delFaro Massolivieri. Location:

And then mount Etna appeared – one of the the most active volcanos in the world

At night I saw a red smudge high up in the sky. It took me a while to realise that it was molten rock flowing down the mountain. Etna had just erupted.

11. Catania, Sicily’s second biggest city, sits at the foot of the volcano

In 1669 is was covered in Lava (from Mt. Etna), destroying everything

12. So I went to climb it

I tried to make a video but I wasn’t able to use the camera from the crazy hail and the wind

13. Many times I got reminded of Greece

I just looked this place up and realised this place was actually an ancient Greek city, Naxos.

14. Last stop: this island you can wade out to

It’s just in front of the town of Taormina

15. And then I got a boat to mainland Italy

I drove to Messina in the top north eastern corner of the island and got on a boat to mainland Italy (Villa San Giovanni). It’s just a couple of miles of water and took about 20 minutes and cost 55Euros.

Would I recommend coming to Sicily in a van? totally! even without a van. I feel like I’ve only just touched the surface really. Oh and the food is really good – a mixture of all the best foods – Arab, Spanish, Italian, French.

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