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Sardinia by campervan – highlights in 16 photos

I spent winter travelling through Sardinia in my van. Here are the highlights in 16 photos, and the route I took. The numbers on the map below correspond to the photos. Enjoy!

Here’s my route – Porto Torres to Cagliari

I started here, Pelosa Beach (1)

Zero people here

I camped here, Capo Caccia, for a while (2)

There’s this huge cave underneath (I didn’t know)

I drove along the dirt tracks (3)

To the north coast via Castelsardo (4)

I found some amazing bits of paradise in the east (5)

That’s when the van broke down

See this post to see how I fixed it: The van broke down – 3 days in a 3 minute video

I carried on down the East coast (6)

See this post: Wildcamping on the east coast of Sardinia – with coordinates

This is a sun rise

I went inland through the mountains (7)

But it was too icy

Back to the coast (west)

See post on good camping area on the west coast: Camping on the West coast of Sardinia in 10 photos – with location

There are endless tracks to explore

And loads of places to camp

I got to the capital, Cagliari, in the south

From here I got a boat to Sicily

Sardinia is a quiet place in Winter. There was hardly anyone here but was a perfect place to finish writing my second book – see the video if you missed the announcement. And as for escaping winter, it was a good choice and it was relatively dry and warm (more so than Greece – my first van-winter).

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