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The van broke down – 3 days in a 3 minute video

I got to Sardinia and then the van broke down…

3 days of breaking down in a 3 minute video


The problem

The starter motor wouldn’t was spinning but it wouldn’t engage, so the engine wouldn’t start. My hope was that it was just a faulty starter motor and not broken teeth on the flywheel.

Here’s what I did:

1. Disconnected positive terminal of battery

Best to do this to avoid any short circuits when removing the starter motor wires

2. Removed wires from starter motor

There were 3 wires: ground wire (connected to one of the 13mm mounting bolts below), ignition wire and power wire – both 10mm nuts.

3. Removed 2 mounting bolts

The motor came out quite easily but the position it’s in is a bit awkward.

4. Replaced

I cycled around the whole town (Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinia) for 3 days trying to find a replacement. I found a guy in a garage who drove to the nearest city (Olbia) to find a replacement motor.

All working good

Now the van starts better than before – quicker and no rattling noise. I have a feeling my old motor was always a bit faulty.


The first few people I spoke to told me I wouldn’t get a starter motor anywhere in Sardinia. I started to look into getting one posted from the UK. Eurocarparts do this and it takes about 8 days – that was my plan B.

Lesson: If someone tells you no, persist and ask other people.

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