Van upgrades – here’s what I’ve done

I spent the end of summer doing some work and modifications in my van. Here’s what I did…

New shelves for plates and glasses

I’ve tried to make use of every bit of excess space and volume

New shelves in cupboards for food

It was just empty space in here before

And for fruit

Some new lights

I’ve always had a spare light switch, so I put some fairy lights in. They run directly on 12V and have several brightness levels – they can light the whole van on the highest setting. I bought them on amazon here

Made some storage boxes

I got some spare bits of plywood and made some boxes for all the loose electronics bits

Extended bookshelf upwards

Now I can fit my bigger books

Fan in shower

This vent has never had a fan in it. I put a 12V brushless motor in it and a switch.

Drawer separators

I put separators made of plywood in all my drawers. It’s way easier to find things now

Catch for bathroom door

For two years the bathroom door swinging open when I go over a bump. I made a catch out of bit of plywood. Now I can focus on the road


I fitted a broken second hand heater (this post) and fixed it (this post).

And extra storage inside the new bench

Organised storage under bed

A couple more plastic containers did the trick

New shelves

I found some nice hardwood pallets and made these shelves for my workshop at the back of the van. See this post


Still a work in progress. The plan is to have a mini electronics workshop for making and experimenting

A bit of touching up

I touched up some rusty bits and replaced several plastic bits of trim that were always missing. Now the van is totally complete.

Serviced the van

New gear and engine oil, rear differential seal, air filter (needed after Morocco) and exhaust, which was completely battered.

Finally registered as a motorcaravan

I followed the guidelines given here. The process took 7 working days

I nearly installed this huge WiFi antenna

But it just wasn’t practical

Having a proper storage for things really is the key for happy van living, and it’s usually the simple solutions that work best. Finally there are no more potatoes rolling around the floor whilst I’m driving.

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