Living in a van and travelling – highlights of 2016 in 40 photos

Woah 2016 has been another great year of van life. Here’s a round up of the highlights in 40 photos…

2016 started in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

See post: Exploring The High Atlas Mountains of Morocco – and access by van

The van broke

Post: Breaking down in Morocco and how I got it fixed

I carried on exploring Morocco

I picked up my share of hitchhikers

Met some people. We played music on the beach every day. I learnt drums

Post: Video: playing (and learning) music of West Africa – drums and balafon

I found Van Valley and stayed for ages

Post: The valley of the vans in Tafraoute, Morocco

I met up with Leah

Post: 8 days in the van with Leah Shann

We found some really cool places

More of this place here: Wildcamping paradise by the blue rocks in Morocco

I rode a camel

Post: The Sahara desert by campervan and camel

And slept under the stars in the Sahara Desert

Found wild baby monkeys. Fed them

Post: Finding Morocco’s wild monkeys in 13 photos – with locations

Discovered loads of new music from Africa

Left Morocco and went to Spain

See highlights of Morocco: 3 months in morocco by campervan – Here’s what I did

Met some dolphins

Discovered Tarifa and stayed for a few weeks

Post: Tarifa, Spain. A place for van life

Met blue bus family

Post: Van tour: this bus will make you want to live in a bus

Explored the coast of Portugal with Finn

Found this amazing (van) place

Got a ferry back to England

Bought a suit

Drove to my friends wedding in my van

Hung out with Leah

Did summer things

Had another birthday

Blagged Glastonbury

Post: Glastonbury 2016 by campervan – Europe’s biggest, filthiest and muddiest festival

Fixed up the van

Caught up with Matt’s latest projects

Caught up with Meg

Explored the Yorkshire Moors

Post: Exploring the English countryside by van – and 4 good wildcamping spots

Remembered how English England can be


Got in a book

Post: This book will make you want to travel in a van – a sneak peek inside

And one of my photos got into an art gallery

Did some modifications to my van

Post: Van upgrades – here’s what I’ve done

Found a guy who could fix the oil leak

Post: Van leaking oil. Parts not available. How I spent the past 5 weeks trying to get it fixed

Caught up with Finn. He has a van now

Camped outside my sisters house in London

Escaped England before winter came

Got to Sardinia

The van broke and I fixed it

Post: The van broke down – 3 days in a 3 minute video

I carried on

Happy 2017 everyone

Every year I wonder how it can get better. Who knows what will happen in 2017.

Thanks to everyone following, sharing and joining in with the blog comments. Some of you I’ve even met on the road. Happy new year everyone! ?

For more photos (although maybe you’ve had enough after this long post) follow on:

Instagram: @vandogtraveller


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