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The valley of the vans in Tafraoute, Morocco

Tafraoute is a cool place. I’ve never seen landscape quite like this. The town is super friendly and it just has a good feel about it. I kind of wish I found this place sooner. There’s no trouble with camping in the van here – totally different to the coast.

I came here after Taghazout. See this post: Hanging out in Taghazout – 14 photos of Morocco’s best known surf town

I took the mountain road to Tafraoute

This was a really scenic drive coming from Tiznit at sunset


I bumped into this guy on the way

I pulled over to get a photo and this blue van pulled up behind me. It’s Gary and Claire. He knew me from the internet. Good to meet you both 🙂


This is where Tafraoute is…

In the anti-atlas mountains about 90km inland from the coast


It’s van land, van paradise or van valley

This seems to be a winter destination for hundreds of vandwellers from europe. The floor of this valley is covered with vans, motorhomes and campers.


I camped here for a couple of nights

You can camp where you want but near the town you pay a guardian 10MAD (about 1 euro) for the night. It’s good and gives peace of mind being able to leave the van all day whilst exploring.


The small town has everything you need

Internet, hardware shops, groceries, good cafes, information. Oh and you pay local prices.


Everyone knows someone who can help you

I reversed the van over my bike. Within 10 minutes I found a guy who could rebuild the front wheel. I picked it up the next day and it cost me 100MAD – like 10 Euro! he did a great job as well.


People come to get work done on their vans… or even to get a whole new paint job


The landscape is really cool

This is Napoleon’s hat in the village of Agard Oudad 2km south of Tafraoute. It’s a popular spot for climbers


Can you see the lions face in the rocks?

This is a popular climbing area in the Ameln Valley


This whole area is also really good for cycling and hiking


And a few km down this road is the blue rocks

But I’ll show you this in a new post – see this post: Wildcamping paradise by the blue rocks in Morocco


All the locals are so welcoming here. They will shake your hand in the street – and without wanting to sell you something afterwards. I think this place is a must visit. I could probably spend a whole winter down in this valley. I love it and I recommend it, especially if you’re in a van.

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