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This book will make you want to travel in a van – a sneak peek inside

I was sent a copy of this book, ‘Off the Road – Explorers, Vans and Life Off the Beaten Track’.


The book is filled with stunning photos and stories of people who have taken to the road in their vans, trucks, busses and other contraptions with wheels. I thought I’d show you some of my favourite things from it.

Oh yeah and I’m in the book as well – I’ll show you at the end.

Meet the nomads

All different kinds of lives living and travelling all in different vehicles and probably all for different reasons


These guys travelled the world in a 40 year old vintage truck

Sabine Hoppe and Thomas Rahn from Germany spent 2 years renovating this old Mercedes (LA 911B MA) truck and another 5 years travelling in it. They started in Germany and drove through Russia, Mongolia, China, S.E. Asia, south America up to Canada. Amazing!



This guy’s car runs on vegetable oil and he sleeps in the tent on the roof

The owner, Jurgen Stroo, says the engine in this 1983 Mercedes W123 is the best ever built. He’s travelled over 140k miles in it so far.


And here’s a big green travelling bus-home


This couple accidentally spent 4 years exploring Latin America

Luis and Lacey planned to spend a year out travelling in their Land Cruiser but fell in love with the nomadic life. Their blog:


This guy drove with his mates from Edinburgh to Cape town

Two weeks after getting his bike licence Chris Sleigh got a Suzuki DR350 and went on a 17 mile adventure and ended up in South Africa.


This is a home and design studio in a VW camper

Anna and Florian work as freelance graphic designers as they explore and live on the road in their VW LT-31. This just shows how you can use technology to live a lightweight life and make a career from anywhere. Nice desk in there


This is a new and interesting trailer design

Made to order by a company called Sprouting Sprocket run by husband and wife duo, Brian and Katrina


Check out Michael Dennig’s monster of a campervan travelling through the Sharan dunes


And me…

I might do a separate post with the whole entry (so you can see the text) if anyone wants to read it…?






Nice book

If I still worked in the office this book would be so distracting I’d have to either throw it away or quit immediately.

But why am I in this book? the publishers (Gestalten in Berlin) just emailed me asking if I want to be in a book so I said yeah. This is the first time I’ve seen my photos in print and not on a screen. Really cool.

I think it’s available all around the world. Amazon US here and Amazon UK here

Are any of these photos of you? let me know your blog/links and I’ll put them in this post.

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