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Van tour: He lives by the woods in his £1500 van – in England – in winter

I met Finn in Hungary whilst helping to build the SUN festival (my first summer on the road) and now he’s a good friend. And he’s just bought a van! He’s been living in it through the winter in England.

Note: I meant to post this 2 months ago. Oops.

So here’s a tour of Finn’s van. It’s a work in progress and he’s slowly adding to it as he goes along.

We were neighbours for a few nights

The van: Renault Master T35 (1994)

He bought it for £1500 semi-converted – with wood burner and units.

It’s where he lives now

It wouldn’t be possible without a log burner

It’s below freezing outside but the burner quickly heats things up

When I saw him he didn’t have electricity

This is the sofa

It extends to make a big double bed

He’s the one who can play

The sink solution is simple, but it works

He has good taste in tables and rugs

This is his writing desk

And then he showed me where he keeps his ladybirds

And chickens

Now he just needs to pass his driving test

What do you reckon? not bad at all for £1500! He’s already got that back from money he’s saved on rent.

I can’t imagine any other van that would suit Finn. This one is perfect. Hopefully he’ll get some solar panels soon.

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