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Tarifa, Spain. A place for van life

I got off the boat from Morocco (See: 3 months in morocco by campervan) and randomly stopped in the nearest town, Tarifa, in the South of Spain.

I met a load of other vanners and stayed for a few weeks. I love this place. Let me show you some of Tarifa. Come here if you’re in a van!

Tarifa is here…


There are loads of vans along the beach

The van community is good around here – a mixture of weekend and full time people staying here for the summer


I met loads of other vanners


And a family that live in this bus

You HAVE to see inside this bus – I’ll do a separate post on it – stay tuned


Summer days out on the grass


There’s a strong digital nomad community in the town

All these people are location independent with portable businesses they can run from anywhere in the world with just a laptop – THAT is the future. Tarifa hosts a lot of digital nomads and has a popular coworking space (La Cocotera) open for everyone


There are some good biking routes near the town


It feels like proper Spain here

Oh yeah the land across the sea is Morocco


These waters are home to hundreds of dolphins and whales

This bit of sea, Strait of Gibraltar, is where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic


It’s a really popular kite surfing spot

Tarifa is known at ‘the wind capital’ – there’s hardly ever two consecutive non-windy days


This is the sunset view from my van roof


And down the road is another good beach and van area

This is the pig field just a couple of km west down the road. There are some more permanent people living here and you can drive your van right up to the beach


It was nice coming back to here after spending the winter in Morocco. I did miss the easiness of Europe. Also see the previous post: 18 reasons I’ll come back to Morocco in my van

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