Spot of the month (april)

We’ve been ignoring the list of ‘Europe wild-camping spots’ (see post) recently to find our own places.  I was excited to find such a great spot from looking for clues on the map (e.g. dead-end grey roads through a lake) and driving to it. It is always hit and miss but I think I’m starting […]

Carpark cooking: The surfing sandwich

Today we had these special burgers for breakfast, cooked on a fire we had in the carpark. Then we went surfing. This is what carpark cooking is all about… See surfing post

Surfing in Portugal with help from a hitchhiker

We carried on to Portugal via a few nights in Cadiz and Seville. I’ve only ever heard good things about Portugal; friendly people, good parties and big waves. We stayed around the south coast for a few nights (some great spots for vans) before dropping Erica (Ross’ gf) off at Faro airport for her flight […]

12 reasons why Gibraltar is so… strange?

  Red phone boxes, Royal Mail, police with those old hard-hats, wild monkeys eating rich teas on the street. Gibraltar Its strange. I think I like it… apart from one thing; the ‘English pubs’ and the lack of good music. Maybe I don’t like Gibraltar. I cannot decide. We decided to drive right into Gibraltar […]

Walking the Gibraltar rock

Gonna leave Gibraltar tomorrow so we better go up the big rock today. We got up late and played guitars for an hour before taking the curtain down to look at the busy street we’ve been camping on for the past 3 nights. I’ve got into the habit of checking the weather outside by looking […]

9 things I’ve learned after living in my van for a month

Another thing that seems to appeal to me about living in a van (apart from the freedom) is the challenge of making it work. There is so much to learn with so many different ways of doing things, which both excites me and scares me. Here are a few things I’ve learned during my first […]

Finding Spain’s best free rave – Dragon festival

All I knew was that there was some rave/festival in Santa Fe, near Granada (aka Dragoff or Dragon festival – read more) so we put that into the satnav and went. There was no sign of any party on arrival – not even the distant reverberation of a bass bin which I was relying on […]