Fitting extra locks to my van

I always said that security is the main thing I worry about when living and travelling in my van. It’s the only reason I’m never too keen on staying around big cities for too long. My van is pretty easy to break into You can non destructively get in without a key by using a […]

Welcome to Hull – my home city

The city of Hull, UK, is where I grew up. I lived here all my life and moved away when I was 20. Hull was the starting point of my journey when I set off around Europe in a van with my two friends in 2014 (see the tracker map) and it’s where I go […]

Welding the van – fixing some rust holes on the wheel arches

The van needed some welding doing. It always did need welding doing but the holes were covered with fibreglass. But fibreglass doesn’t last very long. I took the van to my friend Matt’s workshop – you know him from the blog and travels. He fixes up old cars and makes things like mini-moto snowmobiles, solar […]