The Sahara desert by campervan and camel

We wanted to go to the Sahara desert (Morocco) so we got in the van and drove there. We didn’t plan anything but it all worked out well. Here’s what happened: We picked this guy up, Abdoul I was with Mona (from Germany – she was on the blog last summer here). We stopped to […]

8 days in the van with Leah Shann

I met this girl. She’s called Leah Shann. We spent 8 days together in the van. This is Leah… I picked her up from Marrakech We went straight to the coast and ran into the sea We got dry by the fire And kind of went surfing in the morning See this post: Surfing in Taghazout […]

Wildcamping paradise by the blue rocks in Morocco

A begian guy (Jean Verame) came here in the 80s and spent 3 months painting loads of the rocks blue with the help of a team of Moroccan firemen. What? People hate it, people love it. Let me show you… The blue rocks are just a few km south of Tafraoute in Morocco You go […]

The valley of the vans in Tafraoute, Morocco

Tafraoute is a cool place. I’ve never seen landscape quite like this. The town is super friendly and it just has a good feel about it. I kind of wish I found this place sooner. There’s no trouble with camping in the van here – totally different to the coast. I came here after Taghazout. […]