It’s ready: How to Live in a Van and Travel – ebook available now!

Here it is. This is what I’ve been working on for the past several months (that’s an understatement). Introducing my 2nd book: How to Live in a Van and Travel If you want to do something similar to what I’ve done – live a mobile life full of adventure and freedom – or just escape […]

How to have a nice hot bath when you live in a van

When you live in a van it’s not often you get to have a hot bath. But luckily I’m in Italy… This country has loads of natural hot springs and thermal baths. Some have been turned into paid spa places but many are open and free for everyone to enjoy. The hot water comes out of […]

Her first time camping. Her first time in a van

This blog is a story. But I also like to mix in useful information that I think could be helpful or interesting to others. So this post is a bit of both: First, a story. And then Michely shares some thoughts on living/travelling in a van – her first time van experience. In fact, it’s […]