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How to have a nice hot bath when you live in a van

When you live in a van it’s not often you get to have a hot bath. But luckily I’m in Italy…

This country has loads of natural hot springs and thermal baths. Some have been turned into paid spa places but many are open and free for everyone to enjoy.

The hot water comes out of the ground

And runs into several different pools

A good hot bath

The locals love it

The clay has special properties

It’s rich in silica, sulfur, selenium, calcium, lithium, and radium which can be absorbed through the skin. Apparently that’s a good thing.

But don’t use it in your hair!

Oh yeah our guest here is Michely from Brazil. See this post: Her first time camping. Her first time in a van

This picture doesn’t really fit in to the story. I just liked it

Oh and there’s loads of space here to freecamp here. No problem

Where is this place?

Near Viterbo, Italy. Here: Map

But there are loads of free natural hot springs in this area of Italy – Lazio just north of Rome. Also many in Tuscany. Saturnia hot springs look amazing and worth checking out if you’re near. Google map link: Map

So I’m slowly heading north through Italy. If you have any place suggestions or requests… leave a comment below 🙂

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