Her first time camping. Her first time in a van

This blog is a story. But I also like to mix in useful information that I think could be helpful or interesting to others.

So this post is a bit of both: First, a story. And then Michely shares some thoughts on living/travelling in a van – her first time van experience. In fact, it’s her first time ever camping!

I met this girl

I got her a drink

She’s always lived in a proper house with a proper bathroom

So she packed a bag and we went camping

Side note: Italy has some narrow streets


We were next to these thermal baths

See the post: How to have a nice hot bath when you live in a van

She also has a camera. We took photos…

And explored a bit of Italy

This is Citiva in Italy. Map link: Map

And danced a bit

Sunset at the lake

We made dinner in the van

And played the chords D, G, A

Living in a van is very normal for me now. I forgot that maybe it’s not so normal for many people. So I thought I’d ask Michely some questions for this blog post. Maybe it’s interesting.

How was your first experience camping in a van?
Do you know that film Into the wild? So… its how I felt… For me it was awesome, I always thought about travel in a trailer or something like that, for me it was a nice experience.

Do you think it’s for everyone?
Well… to travel for some days yes, everyone can do it. But live, its more complicated. Because you have to give up some things, like shower everyday, eat in a big table, space for keeping a lot of stuffs, being always far away of your family and friends. But in the other side its good have a simple life, being free, making new friends in the road. I think its worth it, I think I could used to it.

Do you think living in a van is more difficult for girls? (I often get asked this)
I don’t think so… maybe its more difficult for some kind of people, but it’s not about being a girl or a guy. Its a life style, and I know a lot of adventurous girls who would love to live in a van and travel.

What do you think is the most difficult?
Cannot have a lot of showers because water is limited. Maybe in the winter time would be more difficult because of the cold.

What was the best part?
Waking up and drinking a tea sat on the step of the van, watching the landscape and nature. Feeling the mix of wind and sun in my face… it was amazing. Made me think about a lot of things…

What would your friends say?
Hum… some of my friends would love the idea, and maybe be jealous of me, hehe! But another friends would tell me I am a crazy gipsy.

Cool. That’s it. Feel free to share your first time van experiences in the comments. Or whatever 🙂

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