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Here’s what a normal Sunday afternoon looks like on a park in Berlin

I want to show you what a normal Sunday afternoon looks like on Mauer Park in Berlin, Germany.

I think this park shows nicely what this city is about. It’s a DIY city. I’ll show you what I mean in this post…

Play this sound recording

I made some sound recordings from around the park. Play this as you look through this post:

Make your own party

With food

And dancing

When there’s no bar, make one

When there’s no drum kit, make one

Don’t have your own mobile massage business? make one

Bring your own electricity

Make experiments

And your own entertainment

Make magic

Meet some people

It’s still summer

Don’t ask for a gig

Make your own



Invent a whole new way of making music whilst dressed as a strawberry

Play that game where you put the ball through the hoop

Or that game where you jump over an old bit of rope

And if your legs are not long enough, extend them with bits of wood

And if you’re not into any of that, go watch the Karaoke

This is just one of Berlin’s many parks. Each one has a different thing going on. Maybe I’ll cover the others in other posts, if you want?

Also see this post: I went to Berlin’s Gay Pride Parade and took these photos

Have you been to Berlin? add suggestions, tips, advice, experiences in the comments

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