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micro-home on wheels …project update

According to my google calendar, I was meant to leave the country 20 days ago. I really don’t know how I thought I could fully convert a van into a home in just a month but then optimism is probably the key ingredient in this whole project so I guess I forgive myself.

I always had two options: put a mattress in the back of a van to make a quick get away across the continent or create an elaborate tree house system on wheels (ETHSOW). I think my brain already chose for me and that choice is the latter. My focus is now a little more on actually living in a van for longer periods rather than just using the van to travel. I want to live in a van in the UK as well. I want to park up outside friends’ houses and live in Birmingham for a week, Bristol for 2 weeks, Hull (my home town), Sheffield (my favourite city). There are many living experiments I’d like to do. Anyway, I don’t want this to be a blabby blog so I’ll carry explaining things with pictures:


So I’m gonna take my time to enjoy this build and hope it will be worth it when I’m settled and living in it. There will be no middle ground, I either make a rough and ready van or make a full on van palace complete with hammock and roof garden. Stay tuned to see the result – I sure am excited

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