How to change your engine oil and filter

There comes a time when you have to change your own oil. I guess it’s part of growing up…

This post goes over how to change the oil and filter in your van or car. It’s not a difficult thing to do, but it is a bit messy.


Before I started, I gave my van a really good run, revving a lot higher than usual in an attempt to burn off excess carbon deposits.

1. Drain oil

Locate the sump plug bolt, which is usually at the lowest point on the engine sump. With the engine warmed up slowly unscrew bolt and and catch oil in a container below. Be careful of hot oil. I poured some fresh oil through the top to properly flush the old oil.

2. Remove oil filter

After most the oil has drained, start to unscrew the oil filter. There will be a little bit more oil here so be ready to catch it, and be careful if it is hot.


3. Fit new oil filter

Insert paper filter into the oil filter housing. Some oil filters come as a complete unit which screw straight in, whilst others are just a paper insert (like mine below). Replace seal if applicable and run some fresh oil around it and the thread

4. Replace sump bolt and washer

It’s a good idea to at least replace the sealing washer on the sump bolt. Inspect the thread on the bolt and replace this also if it appears at all damaged or worn. You really don’t want a leak from here

5. put in the new oil

With the sump bolt and filter back in and tightened, pour in the new oil


6. make a note of mileage and date


7. Dispose of oil

I took the old oil to a local garage. They took it off me without any charge.
Feel free to add any tips or suggestions to this in the comments below
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