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Insuring your DIY motorhome or campervan

For a DIY motorhome or campervan, you can either get specialist motorhome insurance or just normal van insurance.

Specialist motorhome insurance

Here are a list of companies who offer insurance for DIY van conversions. Most of these companies will insure your vehicle whilst it is still in the process of conversion. You often get up to 90 days to provide proof of conversion, but you’ll have to check with each provider because these rules may slightly vary.

Shield total insurance


Insurance choice

Clubcare insurance

Comfort Insurance

Adrian Flux

Saga – offer very good cover but only for +50s

Alternatively if you want to save time you can go to motorhome insurance from Quotezone and they will get multiple quotes from the best motorhome insurers. This is what I did and I got some great quotes but they will only insure over 25s and at the time I wasn’t old enough. I’ll use this next time around though because that’s where I got the cheapest quotes.

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