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My favourite electronic products for van living

Here are my very favourite electronics products that I’ve been using for the past year living in my van.

Note: these are affiliate links, which means you’ll be helping me if you buy using these links. Thank you!

Kindle – ebook reader

kindle ebook reader

All your books in one hand! I wasn’t sure about the Kindle when it first came out. But being in a van means I can’t carry all my books. So I bought this Kindle, and I’ve never read so many books! I love this thing. You forget you are reading an electronic screen. A van and rucksack essential


The classic Ipod – my portable music library

The classic ipod 160gb

All your music in one hand! I’ve had this Ipod for 4 years and used it every day. I could not be without it. I have used the full 160gb just for music. I’m going to buy another and stick them back to back.


Sennheiser HD25 – proper headphones

hd25 headphones

Headphones that will last for +10 years. Industry standard, as used by the BBC, and most djs. The HD25s came out in 1988! Forget the crappy fashion headphones. Sennheiser doesn’t even have to advertise these. I have the velour pads on mine and have used them every day for the past 3 years


The Minirig – a quality portable speaker

Minirig portable speaker

I don’t own one but Finn has one and used it all the time in the van – he uses it for busking whilst travelling. I was really impressed with it compared to all the other naff portable speakers around. Really solid and good quality. Used for music outside the van, beach and busking


Nikon D5100 – SLR Camera

Nikon d5100 SLR camera

I already made a couple of posts saying this is the perfect travel camera (like here). It’s been 2 years and it’s still an excellent camera with way more than I need.


High gain WiFi Antenna

Wifi Antenna

Lets you get WiFi internet from way further than normal. Very useful for van life. It has a nice long wire and is built to be used outside – fully waterproof.


Huawei E313 – 3G Internet dongle (unlocked)

3G internet USB dongle

I use 3G most of the time (when there is no WiFi). This unlocked version lets you use any sim card in it. I buy a data sim card in each country – if I’m staying for any length of time.


Garmin Nuvi 52 5″ – satellite navigation

Garmin satnav

Easy and reliable navigation. I have the Garmin Nuvi 50 (now discontinued). This link is the newer version (Nuvi 52) with a brighter screen and a few other improvements. I’ve tried over satnavs – including the no brand ebay ones, but I find nothing beats Garmin. This will let you track and download your route to your computer with the included software


Behringer 1C- Monitor Speakers

behringer speakers

These give you great sound at low cost and small size and weight. It’s difficult to get good sound in a small place, but this was the best solution for me. I have these mounted on the van walls in front of the sofa.


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